The Christian Centre for Rural Wales

The Christian Centre For Rural Wales

The CCRW is an ecumenical Christian Centre bases at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Showground


The Centre is the pivotal point for an organisation that provides support to Christians and Christian organisations throughout Wales. The founders started with a vision that over the years have brought their efforts to remarkable fruition.

By Providing a central point where the rural community can meet and share resources.

Access to affordable space

We provide a space to pray, for meetings and Christian related activities.  This is all provided at the centres premises on the showground. The centre is available all year round and not only during showground events. Additional activities such as a bible study are also available.

The Centre office is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays and can be contacted by both email and phone.

We offer a welcoming space with Tea and Coffee making facilities and a large foyer space for activities requiring more room, this makes the CCRW an attractive option for an organised Christian activity.

If you need a space for disabled access then please ask for the foyer, which is easily accessiable through double door.

The building has plenty of parking space and is easy to find. 


As the centre grows, more activities and outreach projects become possible. Growth happens as a knock on effect of the support received from Christians both locally and further afield. To this end, the centre now has the friends of CCRW, who provide support with fundraising.

Wales is a predominantly rural country and a centre of this kind is a key mechanism for rural Christians to network, offer and find support and meet to share common ground. As it is based in Mid Wales it is central if you are having an all Wales Meeting.  The Centre provides accessibility to premises that Christian groups may otherwise struggle to find or find unaffordable.

The Centre is a registered charity and is managed by a board of trustees. Using both Welsh and English as a language medium for churches and Christian organisations that wish to engage with them.

Rooms within the centre and the office can be found in the upstairs rooms at the Clywd/Glamorgan building (The old food hall), close to the main vehicle entrance.